The CASPA Foundation

CASPA Foundation seeks to ensure children and young people who have been within the care system will not be left behind their peers, by providing funding, tools and other unfunded supports on their continued journey to young adulthood and independence. 

Through providing this support to care-leavers, CASPA Foundation can help them achieve their goals and thrive as vital members of our communities and we continue on the work of CASPA Services towards breaking the cycle of intergenerational disadvantage. 

Hope for a better future

CASPA Foundation provide continued support to children and young people, who have or will soon be exiting care, to continue education, participate in work-ready skill-building, apprenticeships, cadetships and other training. Our support ranges across:

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Education and training costs can often extend beyond basic tuition. We also support young people's education with the costs of trade tools, work-wear, technological equipment, online access and more.
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Finding housing near to their place of study is not always achievable for our young people. We provide financial help for rent and bonds so they can focus on their education.
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Advocacy support and legal advice through Lawyers 4 Hope ensures our young people understand their rights and are heard with empathy and without discrimination.

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